Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Fishy Vaginal Odor

fishy vaginal odor A home remedy for bacterial vaginosis can be difficult to determine if you are searching around the internet.

Experiencing a fishy vaginal odor? This has to be the worst joke on earth being played on you right?

Let me guess, you have washed, scrubbed, douched, wailed to the skies and possibly cried over this extremely embarrassing situation. Especially if you have lived with this for months or even years.

Maybe you thought you got rid of it but it keeps coming back.

Let me just say that the odor is not your fault and you will never be able to wash it away. But there is something you can do about it.

The Cause of Fishy Vaginal Odor?

When you have bacterial vaginosis, you are experiencing an abundance or overgrowth of a variety of bad bacteria. While simultaneously experiencing a reduction in the amount of good bacteria that normally live within the vaginal environment and help to protect it.

The fishy vaginal odor is caused by some of this bad bacteria that release "amines".

When your vaginal environment is healthy it normally has a slightly acidic pH. When you develop bacterial vaginosis the pH rises and becomes slightly alkaline.

The increase of the pH environment releases these amines from the bad bacteria and produces the fishy odor.

So the basic cause of vaginal odor that is fishy or musty in nature is caused by the condition known as bacterial vaginosis.

Vaginal Odor and Sperm

What do fishy vaginal odor and sperm have to do with each other?

While normal vaginal secretions have a pH of about 4, the pH of vaginal secretions during Bacterial Vaginosis is greater than 4.7.

Sperm or semen, on the other hand, has a neutral pH of around 7. When semen is introduced into a vagina that has Bacterial Vaginosis the bad bacteria release more amines to produce the fishy odor.

The same holds true for blood, which leans toward a neutral or slightly alkaline pH. Which is why the fishy odor may also increase around or during menstruation.

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

Now here is the important part. How to get rid of vaginal odor. If you visit a doctor or any other medical practitioner they will all do the exact same thing. Write out a prescription for anti-biotics.

While this will kill the bad bacteria it will also kill the good bacteria you need to be healthy. As many as 30-40% of women will see BV return within 3-6 months.

There is an herbal treatment for vaginal odor that is caused by BV. It happens to be the only herbal treatment available but fortunately it is effective and many women say it is highly effective. it is called Femanol. Uses solid, proven herbal ingredients like deodorized garlic for killing bacteria, beta glucan (for building the immune system) and neem also for killing bacteria. Read more about Femanol Ingredients.

The final method to get rid of bacterial vaginosis is a home remedy for vaginal odor that has been developed. It involves inexpensive herbs and kitchen ingredients already found in many homes or they are readily available at a nearby store.

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